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Frequently Asked Questions - Not complying with these answers will result in consequences that the admin will not go back on

Q. Where do I upload anime?

A. You cant, only staff members are allowed to upload anime, period.


Q. How do I download anime?

A. The easy way is to sign up and there will be a download button on the AniEngine’s (or MP4 Upload) video player (Guests cannot see this), there are other methods but I highly discourage the discussion of using them, so I will delete any conversations relating to third party applications.


Q. How do I report broken episodes?

A. There is a “Report Episode” button below when viewing the episode. You will “need” to provide your email and a description of why it isn’t working. If there is no description presented at the time of submission then your email will be banned from reporting. If your email is invalid your IP address will be banned from the site. (Valid emails are needed in order to notify you that the video has been fixed, these notifications are sent manually by the admin.)


Q. Can I join the Staff?

A. Yes, but only when the admin makes a request for more staff. There will be prerequisites that will need to be met to have a position.


Q. How often does the admin get on?

A. The admin is on every day 18/7 (sometimes 24/7) – He doesn’t answer people because he is usually busy trying to fix something or add in some features.


Q. Can I give suggestions or advice?

A. Yes, the admin loves everyone’s feedback, unless it ends in it being a troll feedback or a very highly insulting one. Suggestions and Feedback will however not be considered when its near a server bill due date.



  • We will not hand over our program. Nor engage in the teaching of our encoding methods ;D
  • We still need people contributing/donating. Like I said before. Our survival depends on whether you take the time to contribute. 
  • Requests go only in the Request Area. Please do not make requests in the Chat Box. Do not post re-directing links, spam, or leave insults even towards one another.



  • Notice: If you are having trouble playing any of the newer releases on your PS3 or Mac. Leave a list of the most recent series eps in the “Request Area” only. Leaving your request for a v2 in the “Chat/Shout Box” may cause the file you want to be re-encoded once again to be over looked.
  • Notice 2: Any eps which were not ‘Universally’ compatible will be corrected with a v2, and can be found in the XDCC and on Nyaa.
  • Notice 3: Looking to add only 1 or 2 more additional recruits. Must be a long time visitor of the site, frequent IRC user, motivated, loyal, and have reasonable internet speed. (Keep in mind this notice may be removed at any moment)
  • Notice 4: WE DO NOT HAVE A TIME MACHINE. NOR DO WE KNOW MAGIC. We can not make re-encodes appear before they are subbed and released. We follow a selected group per series ep release. If you see a delay in a series. It is not us holding off on the ep(s), but us waiting on the group who subs the series to release it. Do not complain in the ChatBox about wanting an ep. When we have stated clearly we have zero control over its next release. It’s best you contact the subgroup we have selected for further details upon their next ep(s) release. We will only switch groups when an equal to or better subgroup(s) appears or has been consistanly subbing that particular series. To which that will be determined of our own choosing.
  • Notice 5: We have officially changed the settings to our program. All future encodes will result in greater/better quality(even though it was always of HQ). (P.S. We have never compressed nor shrunk our vids after encoding. Re- encodes are determined by the setting you set, the size of the orginal file, and how it was encoded before creating a re-encode; which determines the re-encodes outcome.)
  • Quick Notice: Each member is usually assigned to certain tasks. If you are having issues in regards to the Donation Box, XDCC, and/or IRC Bot. Email or Contavt Us on our IRC Channel.



What We Encode

It was previously stated that we would only do a selection of releases. We’ve expanded since then, and plan on doing all ongoing shows for the foreseeable future. In addition to that, we will do any completed shows which are requested, provided that they either A) Have had Blurays released, or B) There are no Blu-rays forthcoming anytime soon. We won’t necessarily do the requests in order though: We encode whatever we feel like from our list; which Donator Requests hold the highest of priorities.

Broken Encodes

We’ve gone over the comments, and all reported broken torrents should be fixed. If we’ve accidentally overlooked one, remind us and we’ll get a new version up asap. We’ll do more in depth error checking from now on, to hopefully erase future mistakes.

Some of our older torrents may report as no longer seeding. This is due to the tracker we were using being down. Downloads should still be possible through DHT, but if for some reason they are not, let us know and we’ll provide either a new torrent or a direct download link.

Direct Downloads

Some of our torrents has been uploaded to AnimeTosho, so if any of our DL links are down. You may be able to retrieve them there or use our XDCC, if needed.

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